MSF Aquaculture

Clean water source is the most important factor in aquaculture:

MSF is lucky to have acquired a suitable location which is just next to Batang Kali River for a large grow-out farm. It has the water quality from the unpolluted mountain source, together with the infrastructure and characteristics which are required.

Superior species – Giant King:

MSF has long been raising freshwater fish intensvely, with characteristics such as larger body and better texture.

Quality Feed:

MSF chooses only the best quality feed specially formulated with international certified (HACCP) from reliable and recognised source. We do not use animal feces as it will only make the fish highly susceptible to bacterial infections like salmonella and E.coli.

Concrete Pools:

Fish can be easily infected by bacteria & diseases through soil and the best way is to avoid soil contamination and the use of antibiotic.
MSF has spent enormous sum to build concrete pools in order to ensure all the fish stay healthy and antibiotic-free.

High-Tech Facilities:

To build an idea aquaculture environment, MSF has spent huge sums to invest into high-tech facilities. Water pump impellers are to provide sufficient oxygen to the fish. Auto feeders are also being used to maintain the regular consumption and healthy growth of the fish. The pools are aerated using paddle wheels which also create currents for the fish to exercise to achieve firmer body textures.

To be responsible to our environment, we have also built a huge settlement weir to collect pool waste, which is then broken down by natural bacteria and enzymes.

Thorough Attention To Delivery:

There are 4 transactions from the delivery of fish from the farm to retail outlets and restaurants. Each transaction is to be handled carefully.

MSF uses specially-designed cubical containers to transfer the fish from the pool instead of traditional netting method so as not to hurt them during deliveries. MSF emphasizes on injury-free fish.